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Why Hire a Drone Services Provider?

We are often asked, “why can’t I just buy a drone?”. You can. (1) spend roughly $2,500+ to purchase a well equipped industrial strength drone  (2) invest the time to properly learn how to fly it  (3) maintain/service the equipment and batteries  (4) capture the desired data/images and (5) know how to process/interpret this data. For most this is not their core business/competency and without proper expertise/training accidents are bound to occur. Improperly operated, drones have the potential to quickly become like flying lawn mowers – hurting people and/or ruining property and the equipment.  Spending a few thousand dollars to buy a camera does not make one qualified as a commercial photographer nor does buying a computer/calculator qualify one as an accountant. Rely on drone service professionals who are well trained, fully insured and practice Safe and Responsible operations.

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