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Drones Are Flying at Companies Throughout the United States

Commercial adoption of drones is taking off, both literally and figuratively, at companies throughout the United States. Companies are increasingly realizing many of the inherent benefits that drones can provide as they collect aerial data, videos and pictures. Namely: increase safety, save time, provide better information and reduce costs.

Invariably companies grapple with the question, “Why can't we just buy and operate our own drones?”

We hear on a fairly regular basis stories from large companies that bought a drone or two to experiment and see what they can do, only to further learn that flying the drone proved more challenging than expected and in some instances had unfortunate consequences, crashing into to the ground, buildings and in a few cases people.

Nevertheless, large companies understand the benefits that drones can provide and are nowfrequently turning to professional drones services companies to deliver to them the resulting data/videos/pictures without having to become drone experts themselves.

DroneView Technologies was established to satisfy the growing demand from enterprise customers throughout the United States who sought to partner with drone experts, providing them a single point of contact coupled with highly skilled operators, all of the requisite drone and sensor equipment, cameras, regulatory and insurance expertise and the capability to facilitate the integration of the resulting data with enterprise business systems.

Operating with a keen focus on Safety and Responsible Operations, DroneView Technologies brings to enterprise customers many of the following benefits:

Pilot & Camera Operator Skills

Understanding what needs to be captured is an essential component of successfully implementing drones in heavily specialized industries such as precision agriculture, wind turbine inspection, construction, land survey, property restoration, among others.

According to one of the leading drone image-processing software providers, Pix4D, there is essentially only “good” and “bad” data. The latter constitutes the vast majority of data collected -- proving insufficient or even entirely unusable.

Undertaking the additional burden of flight only complicates matters: operators must possess not only a solid understanding of modern photogrammetry, but of flight plan optimization, aerial controls and an understanding of our national airspace rules and regulations.

Drone Insurance

Just as driving an automobile requires insurance, operating an UAV necessitates appropriate coverage -- particularly as most commercial insurance policies exclude aviation, and therefore drone liability. Obtaining drone insurance can be complicated, time consuming and costly, as most traditional insurance brokers have little knowledge of the nuances of proper drone insurance.

Flexibility & Availability

Businesses with projects across multiple cities or states oftentimes need rapid drone deployment and quick processing -- often at a moment’s notice. Regardless of training and authorization, many other UAV businesses are operated by singular individual(s) and lack appropriate scale.

Depending on unforeseen circumstances such as vacations and illnesses, services may not be available. Similarly, equipment may malfunction or be in service/repair. Small-scale operators are particularly limited when it comes to additional batteries, which need to be consistently monitored to ensure reliable performance.


Without proper and regular training, UAV accidents will inevitably occur. In addition to following the general guidelines set by the FAA, an extensive flight curriculum and operation benchmarks must be developed through countless hours of training and hands on experience.

Recognizing when and where drones can be safety operated is consequently of the utmost importance -- particularly as the FAA releases stricter regulations and heftier penalties.

DroneView Technologies employs highly trained and certified operators, with in-depth expertise across several industries. Operating throughout the United States, DroneView Technologies is committed to promptly providing custom aerial data collection, reporting, and analysis solutions for any enterprise.


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