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Land Surveying – Start Looking Up – Here Come the Drones

An accurate land survey is integral to the process of planning and the execution of various types of construction projects. Any miscalculation or error could mean expensive corrective costs down the road so it is important that a land survey is as precise as possible from the beginning.

Currently, firms are using traditional technology to fulfill their surveying needs but another option has been getting more attention as of late: drones.

Drones provide aerial imagery that can be an invaluable tool as an orthomosaic reference for a construction project. When paired with the appropriate software to process topography, the aerial imagery becomes usable data. All of this can be achieved more efficiently and is less expensive than by conventional forms of surveying. Not only do drones make more sense in many cases than conventional surveying, but drones also trump ground crews in terms of efficiency. Data processing is sometimes around three times faster on projects using drones.  When used in conjunction, grounds crews and drones can provide an amazing breadth of accurate surveying data so it is no surprise that they are increasingly being utilized in the field of land surveying.