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Drones Provide Golfers a Birds Eye View

Country clubs and golf resorts are embracing hole-by-hole flyovers, which are now feasible for golf courses of any size.  Using drones to capture detailed high definition videos of each hole from the tee all the way to the green provides members, visitors, and others can glean a clear and detailed hole by hole perspective, including all of its hazards.

Country club directors of membership and event marketing have all found these aerial views to be a valuable selling tool, helping them to differentiate their properties and show them in the best possible light.

Drone footage can help create course guides, producing spectacular photos from previously impossible angles. Currently, course guides are great for showing distances and hazards, but a drone can include elevation data, giving the player a lot more information. Players can use these course/hole guides to understand how to play each shot and the footage can be made available on mobile devices so it can be viewed before playing each hole. Thus creating a faster pace of play, which is needed in this sport.