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Drones Lead the Way in Convergence of Survey, GIS, CAD and BIM

With the proliferation of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, the historical disparities between the architecture, engineering, and construction industries have diminished. These industries have traditionally focused on different measurements and placements ­­ varying in necessary levels of precision and accuracy as well as scope and scale. Due to the nature of data collected by UAVs, however, the integration of CAD, GIS, and BIM software has become more and more prominent. This has been invaluable as architects, engineers, and contractors realize their workflows can be supplemented by previously untapped information. Collaboration between individuals has also become more straightforward, as similar file formats have facilitated greater communication between parties.

As these industries continue to converge, 3D modeling is becoming increasingly precise and accurate. Indeed, the intention is that users will soon be able to not only examine a large geographic area for overall context but also zoom in on individual structures for finite details all in near real time. For example, the overall model might display elevation contour lines and county bounds while the finite model shows soil composition and floor plans. Surveyors have traditionally also examined various building components (e.g. stress, wiring, conduction) separately. Integration will allow for greater visualization of relationships between these components ­­ permitting for insights that were previously not possible.

DroneView Technologies is currently at the forefront of UAV data collection, photogrammetry and geospatial analysis, particularly in the fields of volumetric measurements, aerial mapping and construction. Utilizing proprietary software, DroneView Technologies provides as built surveying solutions including precisely measuring the size of a building or distance between structures. The areas and volumes of even irregular objects such as stockpiles can be rapidly assessed. Drone technology further allows for repeatable, real-time data collection at a fraction of the traditional time and cost, which many contractors and site managers have found invaluable in their day-to-day operations.

DroneView Technologies is a leading drone services company, who works with enterprise customers throughout the United States - collecting, processing and extracting real value out of drone-derived data. Feel free to contact DroneView Technologies for FAA­certified services throughout the United States as well as unparalleled experience in aerial mapping, aggregates volumetric measurement and construction.