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Solid Waste Industry Embraces Drones: Transforming Topographic Mapping and Airspace Measurement

As recently published in Waste Advantage Magazine - October 2017 issue

The landfill industry’s adoption of drones is quickly reaching a tipping point. It is estimated that approximately 15 percent of all landfill operations are using drones for their aerial mapping; it is widely believed that within three years over 80 percent of all landfills will be regularly using drones in their operations.

Waste Advantage - Drones

With all of the press attention on drones and the beginning of real commercial adoption, landfill operators of all sizes are exploring and in many cases realizing the benefits that drones can bring to their organizations. “Drones are being used at an increasing number of waste disposal facilities.....click here for MORE

Drones - Landfill Mapping