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The 25 Most Influential People in the Commercial Drone Industry

As recently highlighted in Commercial UAV News, DroneView Technologies' CEO Michael Singer was recently chosen as One of the Most Influential People in the Commercial Drone Industry

Michael Singer, CEO DroneView Technologies

Michael Singer

Who is he?

Michael Stinger is DroneView Technologies’ CEO, a company focused on collecting and processing aerial data through various services, such as stockpile volumetric measurement; aerial mapping, topography and 3D modeling; inspection and asset monitoring.

Why is he on our list?

In 2014, Michael used the knowledge on technology he acquired through his previous professional roles and joined the commercial drone market seeking a new business opportunity, together with DroneView Technologies. After only two years of experience in the commercial drone market, Michael led DroneView to fly hundreds of successful missions for clients in over 20 different states throughout the country.

Michael recognizes that in order to achieve accurate, consistent, repeatable results from drones requires numerous discrete skills and expertise, properly integrated together that range from Project Planning, Equipment/Software Selection, Image (or LiDAR) Acquisition, Photogrammetric Data Processing, Reporting Data Storage and Archival.

What to look out for?

Michael thinks the commercial drone industry will face a tipping point in 2017, where large organizations will move from exploring how to incorporate drones into their operations to widespread mainstream implementation. He also thinks technology enabled service offerings coupled with the requisite domain expertise will be the pathway for widespread enterprise drone adoption.

DroneView will continue to improve and extend its services where the benefits of using drones to collect and process aerial image/video data yield value.