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Project Spotlight: Solid Waste Landfill

Project Spotlight - Solid Waste Landfill.jpg

Description of Work: Drone aerial image acquisition and topographic mapping of 800 acre landfill operation

Project Specs/Limits:

  • UAV data collection for entire landfill operation - both active cells and undisturbed areas - using Sensefly eBee RTK - approximately 2,400 images

  • Place and measure requisite ground control points and check shots - approximately 30 points

  • Photogrammetric processing - Pix4D software

  • Airspace volume reporting

Deliverables included

  • High resolution orthomosaic - (.TIF format)

  • Topographic Mapping - 1"=100' scale planimetric mapping with a 1' contour interval and delivered in AutoCAD Civil 3D format

  • Calculations and report of total waste currently in place

  • Calculations and report of volume added since prior year’s mapping

  • Calculations and report of remaining airspace (air volume between the top of the new topo and the bottom of designed final cover)