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The Importance and Value of Safety Checklists

Consistency and reliability comes from practice and proven processes, not luck and haphazard chance. As drones are becoming more and more popular and accessible, the FAA is quickly responding and attempting to provide appropriate regulations to allow for the emergence of a proper commercial drone marketplace while concurrently providing reasonable rules to ensure safety both in the sky and for people and property on the ground.

DroneView Technologies - Safety Checklists

Understanding and following the FAA rules and regulations is just the beginning.  DroneView Technologies believes that safety and responsible operations are our utmost priority.  To operate drones commercially requires the mastery of many skills and necessitates getting many little things right - all the time. With thousands of flights under our belt, we have developed and documented operational standards and “best practices” that we consistently follow each and every time that we go out to fly.  

These checklists cover each phase of an operation - from (i) pre mobilization, making sure that we have everything required for the mission (plus backups), through (ii) preflight, (iii) during flight and (iv) post flight. We refine these lists as needed and follow them each and every time we mobilize to a job.

Atul Gawande in his book “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right,” highlights how explicit and practical checklists help avoid any error that may come from memory recall.

Skyward’s recent webinar “Building a Drone Business: Commercial Operators Share Pro Tips & Expert Advice” highlights the use and value of checklists in the drone industry.

Checklists are not new. Pilots and others have used them for many years and they have proven to work. As the commercial drone industry is taking shape we believe they are a critical tool to help ensure consistent, safe and reliable operations, each and every time.

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